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Steel horse odyssey







Around the world by motorcycle


Back in 2000, at the banks of the Mekong river in Savannakhet Laos, my friend Kevin and I were pondering on what to do next in our lives. We were in our early thirties, had well paid corporate jobs, state of the art coffee machines but no goal in life. We didn't have a family to support and since house refurbishment, landscaping and lethargicly awaiting the grim reaper were not in our niche we were looking for something that would really get the needle off the left peg.


Kevin, an airhead beemer enthusiast, tossed the idea of a round the world trip by motorcycle. Although an enticing option, this seemed to be light years away from me, not having a motorcycle drivers license and being the poorest wrench on the continent. The next evening on the porch of our lodge we were giving the idea some more thought as we heard the roar of two motorcycles pulling up. We met Chris and Cuan who were travelling Asia by motorcycle. Their stories fueled our enthusiasm for taking on the challenge of riding a motorcycle around the world and by the time we left Laos our minds were set on leaving in 2003.



Plan evolves


I got my drivers license in 2001, bought a 1981 BMW R 80 G/S, disassembled it to the frame and Kevin and I spent our summer vacation 2002 rebuilding it to what is my bike today. For details on the rebuild see the bike page. So by 2003 we were ready for take off as I fell ill. After recovery I fell in love and Kevin fell into financial decay. Long story short: no trip in 2003.


Over the succesive years work, women and insufficient funds obstructed our plan. Nonetheless we managed to squeeze in a motorcycle trip to the Middle East in 2006, see pic beside and photo gallery page for a slide show. Kevin even rode on all the way to Thailand whereas I returned home via Eastern Europe. Like vintage wine the idea of a round the world motorcycle trip matured over the years and in 2010 we decided to finally execute the original plan in 2012.



The lure of the great wide open   


Now we are eagerly looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead of us and we consider ourselves priviliged to explore the great outdoors of our planet. Seeing new places, meeting new people. Deciding over a cup of coffee whether we go north or south, coast or mountains, city or countryside, not knowing where we will be at night.  









Via Chantaburi I rode to my final destination Bangkok. Here my trip ends. The bike is a mess now and I suffer a bit from travel fatigue. I am looking forward to go home but more so I am looking back upon a really great trip. I had cut all the ties and free as a bird I traveled around the globe for 15 months ...|