Which bike?


We decided on a BMW R 80 G/S. This bike was built from 1981 until 1987. Although an old bike it is renowned for its reliability. The monolever drive shaft is excellent for enduro use, less of a hassle than a chain driven bike and the single sided swingarm makes it easy to change tyres. Beside that it is far more easy to maintain than a modern bike and spare parts are widely available. So at the end of 2001 I bought my 1981 BMW R 80 G/S. 



The rebuild


Because the bike already had a life behind it I needed to refurbish it extensively in order to get it world tour proof. Not having any wrench expertise at all I step by step disassembled the bike to the frame using a BMW workshop manual as my guide. During summer holiday 2002 Kevin and I rebuilt the bike from scratch. Although I am far from a full pro mechanic now, I definitely mastered the art of motorcycle maintenance and more during the rebuild. Skills that I will need whlie travelling.


We were jumping up and down for joy when the bike actually cranked as I turned the key after the rebuild. As you can see on the pics below the bike has a totally different appearance than before. We really did do a lot. Some things we had done by others like the transmission rebuild, new valves, new sub frame, powdercoating and welding enforcements to the frame. But all the rest we did ourselves, from the timing chain to the oil pump seal. Too much to mention here. For those interested in details a write up of the rebuild can be found here.



Before                                                After



Jan Lamers  2011